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How to Verify a Professional's License in Montgomery?

Professionals in Montgomery are licensed by their respective professional boards. These include, but are not limited to, the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners and Medical Licensure Commission, the Alabama Board for Engineers and Land Surveyors, and the Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors, which has licensed over 8000 contractors across various cities in Alabama, including Montgomery. Before hiring a professional in Montgomery, you should always request proof of licensure and verify the information by calling the licensing agency's official phone number or utilizing the agency's online licence verification tool. For example, you can verify a medical professional's license via the Board of Medical Examiners and Medical Licensure Commission's online license verification system. Similarly, residents of Montgomery can verify an engineering license by utilizing the Board for Engineers and Land Surveyors' credential verification tool, and a contractor's license by using the Board for General Contractors' license roster search tool.

In addition to verifying a professional's license status, residents of Montgomery should also ensure that this individual obtains the necessary permits for the job. For example, before carrying out home improvement work or construction of a new building in Montgomery, residents must ensure that a building permit is obtained. The Montgomery Inspection Department is responsible for issuing building permits and enforcing the city's building codes. All queries concerning building permits and inspections can be directed to the city's Inspection Department by calling (334) 625 - 2073.

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Do Montgomery Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

No, homeowners associations and neighborhood associations in Montgomery do not issue building permits. However, these organizations ensure that home improvement or construction work in their neighborhoods meet the highest construction standards possible. For example, the Sturbridge Homeowners' Association requires members to submit their designs for new construction projects to the association's Architectural Review Board for approval before starting the project. The Architectural Review Board ensures that houses in the neighborhood are structurally safe and sound. Similarly, the Wynlakes Homeowners Association requires all homeowners or potential homeowners in the neighborhood to submit proposals for major modifications like constructing a new block and carrying out home improvement work that may affect the drainage. The Wynlakes Modifications Committee is responsible for approving plans and specifications for any proposed building modification in the neighborhood. Residents of Montgomery can locate the district their neighborhood belongs to, as well as the education facilities in the neighborhood by utilizing the city's district interactive map.

How Do You File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Montgomery?

Complaints concerning unfair and deceptive business practices in Montgomery can be filed with the Alabama Attorney General's Office online or by calling (334) 242 - 7335. Note that the Alabama Attorney General's Office will only process complaints in the order in which they are received. Upon receiving your complaint, the Alabama Attorney General's Office assigns the complaint to a Consumer Specialist for review, and the name and contact information of the individual that the complaint was assigned to will be sent to you via mail. The review process helps to determine if your complaint falls within the jurisdiction of the Alabama Attorney General's Office. Consumer complaints are typically handled by the Consumer Interest Division of the Alabama Attorney General's Office via methods like investigation and mediation. While the Alabama Attorney General's Office can not serve as a private attorney or provide the complainant with legal advice, the office can mediate complaints to the mutual satisfaction of the consumer and the business. However, residents of Montgomery who desire more than mediation can file a civil action against the business in an appropriate court. Disputes that involve a total of $6,000 or less can be filed in Montgomery County Small Claims Court. The Montgomery County Small Claims Court offers a simple, informal, and inexpensive small claims procedure for residents of Montgomery. Finally, complaints involving criminal offenses can be reported to Montgomery Police Department by calling (334) 241 - 2651.